Funny 4th of July Sayings

Check out his collection of funny 4th of July sayings guys which I haven for you. 4th July is the very special day for the people of America because its there independence day and this time celebrate your day with joy and fun with the help of these funny sayings about the 4th July and So here is a unique list of some beautiful sayings about the 4th july check out this collection guys. We wish you all going to like these awesome funny fourth of July sayings.


People have forgotten what 4th of July really is.

Its the day we got the freedom we use everyday.

Its not fireworks and parties. Thats just what makes it fun.


On the 4th of July, instead of fireworks,

they should shoot thousands of exploding

Doritos Locos Tacos into the night sky…


4th of July is a fun time to drink, eat,

light firecrackers all while giving

grandpa a war flashback.


Chuck Norris doesn’t celebrate the 4th of July.

The 4th of July celebrates Chuck Norris.


Its 4th of July. You know what that means…

Ten million status updates saying

the exact same thing. Get ready.


Christopher Columbus, as everyone knows,

is honoured by posterity because

he was the last to discover America. James Joyce


It was decided almost two hundred years ago

that English should be the language spoken in

the United States. It is not known, however,

why this decision has not been carried out.

George Mikes


I am proud to be an American.

Because an American can eat anything

on the face of this earth as long as

he has two pieces of bread. Bill Cosby


Happy 4th of July. Thank you to all

the veterans fighting for our country y

all are my heroes.

RIP to all the ones who died trying.


Happy 4th of July, I’ll be celebrating

Independence Day by staring at the c

Computer screen and reading

about other people’s celebrations.

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