Funny 4th Of July Quotes

Here am sharing with the most wanted collection of Funny 4th Of July Quotes for celebrate this independence day. And everyone celebrate & enjoy the freedom in there style. 4th July is a national holiday this day filled by firework, games and barbecue. In this post am sharing with you some funny quotes for 4th July. You can share these quotes with your friends, brother, sister or relative. This is a honoring day for United States. Hope you all going to enjoy these awesome funny Quotes.


Ninety eight percent of the adults in this country

Are decent, hardworking, honest Americans.

It’s the other lousy two percent that get all the publicity.

But then, we elected them.


Christopher Columbus, as everyone knows,

Is honoured by posterity

Because he was the last to discover America.


America is a country that doesn’t know

Where it is going but is determined to set

A speed record getting there.


It only takes a room of Americans for

The English and Australians to realise

How much we have in common.


Those who desire to give up freedom

In order to gain security will not have,

Nor do they deserve, either one.”


Happy 4th of July to all Americans!!!.

Well, except for Native Americans.

For them, my deepest condolences.


To all of my friends. I wish you a

Happy 4th of July! Have a safe blessed day.

May almighty God bless the United States of America! Amen!


“Everything that is really great and inspiring

Is created by the individual

Who can labor in freedom.”


People have forgotten what 4th of July really is.

Its the day we got the freedom we use everyday.

Its not fireworks and parties.

Thats just what makes it fun.


“Liberty is the great parent of science and of virtue;

And a nation will be great in both always

In proportion as it is free.”

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