American Citizens are among the most privileged in the world. Talk of the human rights or right to expression of freedom, or equality of justice, American Citizens always has a say. The federal form of government ensures the rights of American Citizens. In a constitutional draft written by founding fathers, there were several anomalies, which were then amended. The present form of draft describes rights of constitution elaborately. One of the most effective bills looking into the rights of American Citizens is “Bill of Rights.” The Bill of Rights has everal rights that are guaranteed to person(s), who have various crime allegations. The Amendments Five, Six, Seven, and Eight relate to these rights. The bill also includes “The Right to Equal Justice.”

“Right to Equal Justice”
• An individual accused of crime is given full right to understand what law has he/she broken;
• An individual can ONLY BE ACCUSSED of crime by group of citizens, or “THE GRAND JURY,” before his/her case is presented in
court of law;
• An individual, accused of crime, is bestowed the right of QUICK PUBLIC TRIAL, by appointed jury of his/her fellow citizens;
• An individual, accused of crime, has the natural right to hire the services of a lawyer for court representation;
• An individual, accused of crime, cannot be obligated or forced to testify or provide the evidence against himself/herself;
• The testimonies and evidences against accused should be presented in court of the law;
• An individual accused of crime, has the right to call any witnesses to appear if their testimony is influential in making the decision;
• An individual, accused of crime, cannot be strained to testify or give evidence against himself;
• If an individual, accused of crime, is found guilty, he/she is not subjected to any cruel or unusual punishment. In case, the person is not found to be guilty of any crime of serious nature, he or she will not be tried for the same offence;
• An individual, accused of crime, cannot be put into prison, and kept there for weeks or months while awaiting the trial. Such an individual has the right to leave jail, in several cases, if he/she can raise a certain sum of money, or bail, and further pledges his/her presence in the court of the law, when required. Right to Equal Justice guarantees equal justice to citizens of America. It is the right which protects constitutional rights of its citizens.