(Support for Educational and Vocational Training)

 For the youth and women we focus on imparting vocational skills to enable them to be self-sufficient and self-reliant. We have initiated a unique project to impart education/vocational training to usher into a brighter future for economically deprived youth (including women).

We provide Interest Free Loans to poor, deserving and needy students for elementary and higher education / books/ uniform etc; We also help students to get suitable job opportunity so that they can stand on their  feet with dignity and help their old parents/family to elevate their standard of living.  The students return the Interest Free Loan upon completion of their education and after finding a suitable job.


India is densely populated and an economically developing nation. Due to poverty and unequal opportunities many children struggle for their basic needs including education.

Most of the poor people are unable to take the advantage of various schemes launched by Indian Government as they are illiterate and don’t have necessary documentation /ID Proofs. Many a times they are ineligible to even avail loan from banks. Unfortunately to meet their basic needs, they are forced to get loan from various Individuals (Sahukaar), Private Funding Agencies including NBFCs engaged into Microfinance Sector. These Sahukaars / other private agencies charge very high rate of interest (up to 60% per annum) from these poor people and many times they mortgage their land/ornaments/other assets for loans. The high rate of interest becomes an Ancestral Liability for the whole family even after the death of principal person. To repay such loans parents involve their children in child labour, which is why eradication of child labour is a big challenge for India.

In contrast to the western countries there is no social security system in India and only those who have retired from government jobs or big companies, get pension. Most of the time this is inadequate with respect to the inflation rate.

The dowry system also drains out much of the earnings of the parents. Therefore, due to small income and limited resources parents are unable to provide good education to their children.

At the heart of our NGO, our belief is that we do not need money for our work, hence we don’t ask for any monetary help or donations. We welcome Individuals as well as Corporate to join hands with us as Volunteer/Associate Members and provide Interest Free Loans as per their convenience for a duration/period up to 5 years. The loan would be utilized for our above projects and to support skilling/education of underprivileged but smart children who would pay back the principle without interest upon employment. We take it upon ourselves to enter into a loan agreement including a clause of individual collateral with donors/volunteers and also issue Post Dated Cheque/s in favour of Volunteer at the time of signing of Agreement. The cheque can be presented in Bank for Return of Loan Amount. Name of all volunteer/members will be published on our website (www.geetanandashram.org) and project location.