The American education system is innovative, widely classified system spreading over the diversification. There are the arrangement of schools, programs, and locations providing students with choices. Extensive levels of transparency involved in US Education System help students to familiarise themselves and make an objective selection of course.

The students in America attend primary and secondary schools for a cumulative span of 12 years; often called first through twelfth grades. Children in the US start their primary school education at the age of six, and this is the “Elementary School Education. “ The education is for five to six years after which the students are enrolled for secondary education.

The secondary school comprises “middle school” or “junior high school” and the “high school.” A diploma or certificate is awarded after graduating from high school. It is the time when the students seek higher education in university or college.

Application to the University is made on the basis of academic transcripts, which bear the imprints of “grades” and “grade point average” (GPA). In the American universities and colleges, courses are graded on a systematic scale of percentage and later converted into grades.

The school calendar starts either in August or September and then runs through May or June. A majority of new students secure their admission in autumn. The academic year in many of the schools have two terms or the “semesters.” (In some schools, three-term calendar or the “trimester” system is followed.) In a few other schools, the academic year is further sub-divided into four terms.

The higher education system in the US is subdivided into Undergraduate, Post Graduate and the Doctoral degree. The university or college offering higher education system shows wider variations on different levels. Seeking admission in the school or a college or university requires you to consult an educational adviser or guidance counsellor as quickly as possible.