Americans are rationally among the diversified human beings when it comes to traveling or starting a new business set up or even when they want to celebrate their holidays. Citizens of America involve themselves in the variety of professions across the globe; some of these include the missionary work, opening, and running Christian institutions, funding the development of poor and third world nations, increasing the American participation in science and development. Many Americans have also become permanent residents of countries like China, Nepal, Bhutan, and India, with an objective of involving themselves in spiritual activities.

The reliability of figures of the population of Americans living abroad cannot be exacted, though one of the approximations of US State Department puts the number between 3 Million and 8Million. Private reports of recent years show, 9 million non-military US citizens are residing on the foreign lands. Again, these numbers are not verified and based solely on approximation. US Citizens, even if they are living on a foreign soil, has to pay the income tax. But, in case, of the incomes earned as (wages, salaries, etc.) while residing on a foreign land, American Citizens do not have to pay any tax on this income resource.

Innovation had always been the way of life, and American loves this innovation with all their heart. It is for this reason many white Americans travel to other distant lands, and bring a magnificent change in economies of those lands.  It shows a great way of living. With United States’ position as a prosperous country, not many of its citizens like to leave the nation for seeking greener pastures. This trend, however, is true in the case of the third world and economically down nations. It is, therefore, one of the reasons that American Diaspora is comparatively small in comparison to the overall American population.