Modern Day America is a melange of old and new worlds; the new testaments are still to take over completely amidst cacophony of old thoughts and once strong ideologies of “THE AMERICAN DREAM.”  The progenies are vaccinated, the moment they are out in this world, and tiny tots, who have not crossed 4 years, begin their mornings playing games on smart phones. The changeover has witnessed lot of destruction, where toddlers have involved themselves in school homicide.

On part of the adults, they too have the time to spend watching TV reality shows, concerning themselves in the shows, and absolutely disconcerted about what is happening in the world around. The NEW AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE is Hi-TECH, but it is based on fragile policies and lopsided government decisions.

Times change for the good, and living in the times that are destructive and obliterate people and the society. It requires the development of new perception, and growing MODERN AMERICA, has to look with all the seriousness.

It is not surprising to find out local law enforcement becoming totally militarized that the spectacle of a “battlefield MRAP used in wars abroad,” is common in streets of America. The unconventional military training exercises carried out in different states of America, presents a different story.

The LAND OF FREE PRACTICES AND BRAVE MEN is SEEING A HUGE TRANSFORMATION, as it continues to imbibe the second hand culture of the immigrant Asiatic breed. How this transformation appears and what OBJECTIVE ROLES are played by American Citizens, is something that has to be seen through the times.

Still, MODERN DAY AMERICA will continue to rein its supremacy and hegemony on the world economically and militarily.  Friends will grow and the Foes will be Destroyed forever.