In the United States, people like celebrating the moments and events, and when it is 4th of July, it becomes one of the biggest moments for the American to participate in full swing.  Not only do people enjoy the resplendent weather and barbecues, they also imbue themselves in the color of patriotism.

4th of July in the US is not only the day of Independence, but a day of celebrations, and participating in the gala carnivals. Most cities in the sovereign states of the US celebrate the Independence Day by becoming the part of carnivals, fairs, parades and the concerts. The spectacular display of fireworks dots Independence Day celebrates, attended by the travelers and the US Citizens.   San Diego and its denizens have a slightly unusual way of celebrating 4th of July. The people out here love relaxing with their loved ones on a long stretch of sand, and watch the glitterati in the sky as result of fireworks.

Denizens in San Diego have a patriotic way of living. Moreover, the city has tranquilized beaches and enthralling weather, which further boosts up the patriotic fervour. There are also several major military bases in the area around San Diego, showing a patriotic tie up. The Annual Big Bay Boom July 4 Fireworks Show organized on multiple locations all along the bay area easily catches the attraction of tourists as well as the locals.