About Yankee

I am a born YANKEE… I took birth like everyone else, but my birth date was special. It did not appear to me for long until I turned up as a chirpy toddler. I was first called a Yankee by none other than my girlfriend. And then there were a group of ruffians, who used to play pranks with me by calling me rich Yankee. In those severely teasing moments, I began to develop the idea that I was a Yankee by birth.  In all these good old and hard years that I have lived on the planet Earth, I always dreamed of living in Beverly Hills.

It still seems far-fetched though.  My idea of starting the blog was fairly simple – I wanted to do something for America as her die-hard lover. Why not Blogging! It will bring me close to America and start seeing American world from a wider perspective.

I have never been to America, but have tried to touch everything American in concept or nature, through my blog- 4th July.

Individuals start loving things, and my passion drew me close to world’s biggest and the powerful democracy – United State of America. I was liberated to planet Earth on the same day as America gained independence. You see guys, I and America were born the same day. I carry the same attitude as a “TRUE YANKEE”

Life, which I have lived now in my country, is poles apart than what individuals live in any part of the America. I do not share anything common with a yankee… My eating and sleep patterns are also not anywhere close to the fellow yankee.

I sincerely like the American way of living and the most popularized American Dream. I guess, it is the “World of the Worlds… a whole new galaxy!”