4th of July, symbolic of the America’s Independence, is moment of jubilation for citizens of America, no matter where they live or work in the world. It is the day of social events reiterating sovereignty and patriotism. The most common events on display on July 4th are barbecue and the fireworks. Whether it is the town or the city or metropolitan, citizens love to drape in these events and show their solidarity to this magnificent day – the 4th of July.

Bristol, Rhode Island, has its own unique and extemporaneous way of celebrating 4th of July. It is not only about THE DAY, but a lot more. In some way, the area of Bristol has its resemblance to old social American order, and this is the reason why one gets strong reflectance of strong American spirit in their celebrations. It is not only the recitation of national anthem or furling of American flag.

The celebrations begin on 14th of June (the official Flag Day), which is almost a month earlier. The flamboyant parade, button design contest for tiny tots, sideshow attractions, a Miss and Little Miss Fourth of July pageant, Fourth of July Ball, concerts, speeches on American Solidarity and speeches, exhibitions and field days and a lot more.

The 4th of July celebrations in Bristol, Rhode Island has its history dating back to the year 1785. It is the most amazing gala event that has continued to dot the America since 1785. The event is celebrated each year in rich fervor and excitement. Fireworks and other activities make 4th of July event more exciting and a memorable show theme.