May 10, 2018

Steps to variable thinking

In order to write a-successful dissertation it’s crucial that the author first decides a topic that is re searchable. This means greater than just identifying a place of research. The topic should be reported in phrases that narrows the study… Continue Reading →

Excerpts on the American Political Ideology

American political ideology forms the strong basis of American Dream. The key dominating ideology that is ingrained into American politics is placed on the concept of Republicanism and classical liberalism. Documents that showcase the strong American political ideology are: Declaration… Continue Reading →

Right to Equal Justice

American Citizens are among the most privileged in the world. Talk of the human rights or right to expression of freedom, or equality of justice, American Citizens always has a say. The federal form of government ensures the rights of… Continue Reading →

American Education

The American education system is innovative, widely classified system spreading over the diversification. There are the arrangement of schools, programs, and locations providing students with choices. Extensive levels of transparency involved in US Education System help students to familiarise themselves… Continue Reading →

International Americans

Americans are rationally among the diversified human beings when it comes to traveling or starting a new business set up or even when they want to celebrate their holidays. Citizens of America involve themselves in the variety of professions across the… Continue Reading →

American Dream

Statue of Liberty gave out the first insight of the United States to an average immigrant who migrated to the country. The statue symbolizes American Dream, new opportunities, earning instant money and living a life of excitement. People thinking of… Continue Reading →

4th of July: Celebrations in Bristol, Rhode Island

4th of July, symbolic of the America’s Independence, is moment of jubilation for citizens of America, no matter where they live or work in the world. It is the day of social events reiterating sovereignty and patriotism. The most common events… Continue Reading →

Multi- Cultured Celebrations of “4TH OF JULY” in Atlanta, Georgia

The city of Atlanta is the expansive capital of Georgia, and played a decisive role in the Civil War and the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. Atlanta is also among the fastest-growing cities in the US, actively serving the interests of… Continue Reading →

Celebrating 4th of July doused in Spirit of Patriotism, in San Diego

In the United States, people like celebrating the moments and events, and when it is 4th of July, it becomes one of the biggest moments for the American to participate in full swing.  Not only do people enjoy the resplendent weather… Continue Reading →

Living the American Dream: The Ideas behind It

“American Dream” was the term first advocated by popular American historian named James Truslow Adams in the interesting literature titled “The Epic of America.”  The famous literature was published in 1931, when many American states were witnessing Great Depression. James Truslow quantified the… Continue Reading →

Insight into Modern Day American Culture

Modern Day America is a melange of old and new worlds; the new testaments are still to take over completely amidst cacophony of old thoughts and once strong ideologies of “THE AMERICAN DREAM.”  The progenies are vaccinated, the moment they are out… Continue Reading →

Blog from Born By Birth Yankee

About Yankee I am a born YANKEE… I took birth like everyone else, but my birth date was special. It did not appear to me for long until I turned up as a chirpy toddler. I was first called a… Continue Reading →

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